The UAE financial sector is ranked among the top three sectors in the Gulf Region and boasts an impeccable reputation. The policy of UAE’s Central Bank sets high requirements to the bank’s own capital with the banks of the UAE and Dubai being rated as the most reliable banking sectors globally.

In contrast to Europe banks in UAE differ themselves in offering low tariffs on banking services providing high quality services with competitive fees, simplified reporting systems and loyalty to their clients.

All banks in Dubai as well as in other UAE Emirates have high level of service with remote access services via telephone and internet banking systems thereby making Dubai bank account administration easy and cost effective.

Our customers come to us in order to find the right bank for their needs in Dubai and the surrounding Emirates. Our customers want western-oriented standards that are reflected in an excellent service, high qualification and in a broader sense, attractive income opportunities and a positive association with the respective bank.

It is much easier for UAE non-residents to open an account in Dubai for onshore and offshore company. Such procedure is performed quickly and smoothly – subject to delivery of all required documents. If you haven’t incorporated a company in the Emirates, but you would like to open a bank account in Dubai, it would be much easiest for you to achieve the same by incorporating an offshore company. Such an account can be facilitated not only for personal purposes, but also for business operations.

In short we can help and assist you navigate the banking system in the UAE and help you in opening the right type of accounts you need.

Personal Bank Accounts

Personal Bank Account opening for the residents of UAE – can be done effectively in any of the Dubai or other Emirates banks without any restrictions. The time frame for the bank account opening is dependent on each bank’s policies and procedures and might take a few days to two weeks in respect to the bank of choice.

Personal Account in Dubai for Non-Residence in UAE

Personal Bank Account opening for non UAE residents is possible but with some restrictions. Such personal account would be a savings bank account (card will be issued, however the cheque book will not be issued and the loan borrowing is not allowed). The other bank account features will be fully available. It is very important to know that not all the UAE banks will be in position to open the bank accounts for non-residence of UAE.

Dubai Bank Account Opening for UAE Company

Dubai bank account opening for UAE company – the procedure is smooth as long as the company’s shareholders submit all the relevant documents, as well as the personal documents, describing the full type of future company’s activities.

If you don’t have a company in UAE but wish to open a bank account in Dubai or other Emirate, the best and most economical solution is to register a UAE offshore company (RAK) and then open the bank account for the company. Process for the opening bank account for a company registered in the UAE is faster and not very complicated.

Dubai bank account opening for non-UAE company – possible under the condition of appropriate certificate of all corporate documents in the UAE Consulate in the company’s incorporation country and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE.