EXSUS DUBAI  provides complete corporate support to individual and corporate clients worldwide. We aim to offer solutions to specific needs of each client through diverse expertise in the following fields:

  • Trusts
  • Corporate Administration
  • Accounting & Audit
  • Law
  • Taxation
  • Property & Investment Management
  • Ship Registration and Ship Management

At EXSUS DUBAI we understand the importance and convenience of being closer to our clients; being able to meet in person and handle day-to-day matters faster and more efficiently. Moving close to global financial centres we set up EXSUS DUBAI located in the Burj Khalifa District, Business Bay in the heart of Dubai.

EXSUS DUBAI provides both international and local organisations with strategic business advice and support to achieve ultimate results. We are committed to delivering the highest standards in our areas of expertise and bringing innovations in order to optimize the working process.

EXSUS DUBAI offers general support in regards to the following matters:

  • new business set up
  • registration and administration of companies (local, free zones and offshore)
  • assistance in obtaining residence permit in the UAE
  • opening of bank accounts

We are proud of the international business practice that we have established through our main principles: efficiency, confidentiality and professionalism. We are looking forward to a continuous, productive and mutually beneficial working relationship with you as our valued client.

EXSUS DUBAI can provide you complete assistance every step of the way, from setting up your new business to expanding an existing one in Dubai and in the UAE. Our highly motivated team of professionals with diverse backgrounds proposes solutions tailored to each client to support their international growth and implement effective wealth management.

Business Principles

We are successful if our clients are successful. This is the main principle of EXSUS DUBAI. We dedicate ourselves to providing best-quality service and best support to our clients.

  • Client-oriented practice. The client is the main focus for us. They determine the desired outcome and their confidence is the main indicator of the effectiveness of our work.
  • Flexibility and efficiency. The ability to respond promptly and effectively to changes of a volatile market, to predict its development and to optimize our workflow continuously guaranteeing the achievement of tactical and strategic objectives. Our goal is to reach or exceed the set plans.
  • Continuous development. For any company, putting on hold its development means accepting the role of an outsider. Therefore, we are constantly working on the development of our employees and the company as a whole.
  • Business Ethics. We are convinced that business ethics is an integral component of an economic progress of the society. EXSUS DUBAI understands this and always adheres to the standards of business ethics in its daily practice.

In our work we are guided by the above principles and each of them helps shape our competitive advantage.